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The Blues

America is the cradle of many types of music derived from several roots. All the immigrants (13) came to settle in the New World brought their music with them and adapted it to their new environment and living conditions. However, (14) all of the people coming to America were immigrants in the proper sense of the word: The African slaves were transported (15) the Atlantic on slaving ships. They had no particular rights and were considered a property (16) than human beings. The horrific conditions of slavery, special musical feeling and the mixture of African and European roots are probably (17) makes the Afro-American music so unique.
The most remarkable style of this music is, without question, the blues. So far it (18) influenced almost every genre, moreover, many genres (19) not have come into existence if it had not been (20) the blues. Country music and its sub-styles, rock&roll, jazz, rock, heavy metal, funk, hip hop - all of them have taken some elements of the blues.
The blues has (21) regional variants, the major ones being Texas blues, East Coast Piedmont blues and Delta blues, the blues from the Mississippi Delta. During the 1940’s and 50’s it was moving to the cities in the north of the United States, where its amplified form (22) popular. (23) , with the birth and commercial success of rock&roll the interest in the blues declined. It was especially the folk music revival and the British rock music of the sixties that caused its comeback. Nowadays the blues is played (24) around the world.