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You are going to read a newpaper article about The Beatles. Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from sentences A-G below the one which fits each gap in the article. There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. Write letter A-G into the gaps.
A. Until then no British band had really caught on in the States.
B. Although the three never toured again they at least got a chance to jam and in 1994 they got together to discuss the release of the Anthology albums.
C. But that was just not going to happen.
D. There were a lot similar bands in the area at that time but The Beatles were somehow different.
E. However, everybody believed that they would still get back together.
F. Moreover, there was a great deal of tension among the ex-Beatles.
G. These five songs were, in fact, never part of the band's repertoire.
H. Although they never played together again their legacy is still allive and their influence on the music scene is still apparent even today.

Beatles 'jam' footage

Beatles fans have something to look forward to.

Since the Beatles broke up in 1970 fans around the world hoped that the band would reunite at some time and they were longing to see the band together again. Even after John Lennon was assassinated in 1980 and it was obvious that this dream would never come true, there was enormous pressure on the remaining three band members to reunite and go on tour together again.

The remaining members of the band were probably aware of the fact that the band would never be the same without John Lennon. There were also voices claiming that putting the band together again would destroy the living legend of the band. So the chance of seeing them together on tour again was a very low.

And yes, as you might have guessed already, the jam session was filmed. The DVD showing the only time Sir Paul McCartney, the late George Harrison and Ringo Starr played together after band split up is to be released later this year.

The live footage was recorded at Harrison's Oxfordshire home and shows the trio playing the following numbers: Ain't She Sweet, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Raunchy, Thinking of Linking and Baby What You Want Me To Do. "Ain't She Sweet" appeared on a rare recording of the Beatles with Tony Sheridan made in early 1960s, however, it was not written by the Beatles.

The DVD may be released as early as the end of March and looks set to become one of the biggest-selling DVDs of the year.

About The Beatles

The Liverpool four (John, Paul, George and Ringo) are considered to be the most influential band of the last century. They first went on tour to Germany in 1960. They were hoping to find fame there but in fact they found dirty clubs and low paying gigs. They first tour ended rather abruptly when George Harrison (then only 17) was reported for being under age.

In 1961 they worked as a back-up band for a singer called Tony Sheridan. The recording they made together caught the eye of Brian Epstein, who owned a record store. Brain went to see the band playing The Cavern and he was just taken aback. Their charisma and enthusiasm for the music made them stand out. Not long after that Brian became their manager and made them stand out even more (putting them in black suits while keeping their long hair).

Their first album Please Please Me hit the British charts in 1963 and till the end of the decade the Beatles were the indisputable leaders of popular music. In fact, their influence reached well beyond music. Their clothes, hairstyles and statements made them trend-setters throughout the 1960s.They were also the first British act to conquer America after they appeared on Ed Sullivan show in 1964. this was a tremendous breakthrough. Their popularity was immense. They continued recording and touring the world until 1970 when the band split after lengthy period of disputes.

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